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A problem, a smart solution, and the will to make a difference. The story of how it all began is really the whole explanation for our success. And today, we continue to work the way we did in the beginning. If you would like a deeper insight into how we have become the Nordic region’s leading digitisation partner, you can find the key events here.

What was to become Infobric was established in a basement room at Science Park in Jönköping. The company was called SafeTool and the business idea came from Lars Göran Lindqvist, who had been running a construction company and witnessing a negative trend in the industry over several years. Thousands of thefts, costing several billion Swedish kronor, were reported each year. In addition, there were indirect costs due to downtime and handling of cases of theft. The industry also dealt with the growing problem of keeping unauthorised people away from construction sites. Together with Claes Rydin, Kenneth Johansson, and Werner Hilliges, Lars-Göran made his idea a reality and the four founders, in conjunction with PEAB and Lambertsson, developed a system based on RFID technology to control access to tool containers.



The construction industry wanted to take a greater grip on safety and ensure that only authorised persons are in the workplace. The result was ID06 – the construction industry’s own standard for reporting attendance. SafeTool participated in the efforts towards an industry standard and developed a complete entrance and passage system. SafeTool also started the development of electronic products with associated information services for controlling gates. The first time the new technology was used was at PEAB’s police station constriction site in Västervik.

Scope, a venture capital company, joined SafeTool as a partner. The company’s Research and Development Department was formed and, in collaboration with Sigma, a development team got off the ground in the Ukraine. SafeTool took the first step into the Norwegian market, launching the first Regbox for presence control and embarking on developing Machine Controller – a product for controlling access to construction site machinery and lifts.



SafeTool launched the first version of Ease, an information service, which has been developed in collaboration with PEAB. Soon, 100 construction sites were connected to the system In the same year, SafeTool received the Innovation of the Year Award with the following citation: “Working closely with leading construction contractors and machinery rental companies, SafeTool has developed a product family that provides safer construction sites, better control over machinery and tools, and one that reduces the risk of theft. The technical innovation in combination with a self-developed administration interface distinguishes the company in what is industry based on tradition.”

SafeTool changed its name to Infobric. Infobric Ease evolved into a SaaS service and was launched widely across the construction industry. With a new sales organisation and a total of 20 employees, the new company was unveiled at the Nordbygg Trade Fair in Stockholm. In the same year, it reached 500 connected workplaces. Infobric launched its first project in the UK by setting up a sales organisation and developing biometric reading technology for the UK market.



Infobric developed a service for the machinery rental industry. Coupled with Machinery Controller, Ease Rental made it possible to control permissions and monitor the position and use of lifts and other machinery on the construction site. In the same year, Infobric broke a record with 100 active workplaces in Norway.

Infobric’s Machinery Control won the Swedish Construction Industry Development Fund’s annual innovation competition for the best development project in the building, installation, or construction industry. Here is an excerpt from the citation: “One risk factor on a construction site is machinery being driven or used by improperly qualified or trained personnel. Infobric’s Machinery Control provides opportunities for an improved working environment and higher safety on a construction site. The system is an effective tool and one that will benefit building and installation companies.”



Infobric developed a new solution for construction site personnel and launched a completely new hardware platform with the Regbox 240 and Controlbox 390 products. Scope sold its holding in Infobric AB to Jönköping Business Development AB. The founders and leading key people remained owners. Infobric was now the market leader in presence and access services for the construction industry and its customers included PEAB, NCC, Skanska, JM, Veidekke, Lujatalo, Ramirent, Cramo, and Lambertsson. A new record was reached in the autumn of the same year. Infobric’s systems were located across a total of 1,000 active workplaces in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and the United Kingdom.

The legal requirement for electronic files to be held for construction industry staff was launched in Sweden with Infobric quickly taking the lead. During the year, the number of active workplaces increased by 573 per cent and thousands of construction companies signed agreements with Infobric. In the same year, Infobric’s app Ease CheckIn was launched – a mobile application for recording construction site attendance.



Infobric was named the Gazelle, becoming the second fastest growing and most profitable company in the Jönköping County. In addition, the Group’s subsidiary Infobric AS was named one of the Gazelle companies in Norway. Recording a 377 per cent growth in the 2016–2017 period, Infobric once again made its way onto Technology Fast 50 – Deloitte’s rankings list of Sweden’s 50 fastest growing technology companies.

Ease CheckIn ranked among the top 10 most downloaded apps on Google Play and top 20 in the Appstore in the Swedish business apps category. The app was also the most downloaded one by personnel working in the construction industry.


Infobric launched a new digital service for subcontractor control. The UE chain made it easy to gain an overview not only of active subcontractors in the workplace, but also of the hiring hierarchy. The service was developed with NCC and was presented to the construction industry at Nordbygg.

Pressure surrounding digital transformation was increasing in the construction industry as construction continued at full speed. In addition, legislative requirements were tightened as society and the industry raised their expectations of sustainability in the financial, social, and environmental sense.


Summa Equity, which invests in companies that create solutions for global sustainability goals, acquired Infobric from JBD becoming the new majority owner in the company. With Summa Equity as the new owner, Infobric took the next step towards becoming a leading digitalisation partner for the construction industry in the Nordic region.

Norway is Infobric’s next growth market and, in the spring of 2019, Infobric acquires the Norwegian IT company Tempus AS and its subsidiary Templus AB.

In August 2019, BlastManager AS, a Norwegian IT company that develops planning and tracking systems for rock blasting, is acquired. In the same year, Infobric developes a technology for mobile access and launch Ease Smart Lock, a digital, mobile access solution. 


Infobric acquires TelliQ, one of Sweden’s largest telematics companies. TelliQ AB is one of the market leading companies in digital vehicle systems with over 80,000 connected units. Together, the companies form an innovative company group with a shared vision: to create smarter and more sustainable workplaces for their customers using digital technology.

Infobric is now one of the Nordic region’s largest SaaS companies with services for socially sustainable and resource-efficient workplaces. In November, the Group grows further through the acquisitions of BuildSafe and EquipmentLoop and takes the next step in accelerating digitalisation in the construction industry.


BuildSafe makes safety and efficiency a decisive factor in the selection of suppliers in construction projects. The company provides digital tools where the entire project organisation reports, measures and analyses risks and disruptions in production.


EquipmentLoop is a digital platform that helps construction companies in their management of machines and tools. The vision is to ensure that the right machine is in the right place at the right time, through simplified working methods, increased transparency and smart data management.

In April, Infobric makes its ninth acquisition. AddMobile develops services for project management, work orders and time reporting to contractors and service companies in the construction sector. The company was founded in 2004 and has operations in Malmö, Stockholm and Karlskrona. Through the acquisition, Infobric broadens its offering with services in project management and strengthens its position as a leading digitalisation partner for the  construction sector.

In May, the Group grows further through the acquisition of MSite. The company is the market leader in the UK with its digital tools for, among other things, attendance control, personnel management, competence control and enrolment. The UK has long been a pioneer when it comes to both digitalisation and work environment management in the construction industry. With MSite’s local anchoring and market-leading position, the foundation is laid for knowledge transfer, which will strengthen the customer offering for Infobric’s entire customer base. The acquisition is also the first outside the Nordic region and will be an important part of Infobric’s ambitions to continue to grow internationally.


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